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Thank you very much for visiting our NAMM Show 2020 booth.

We are so grateful for such many people to come and play the Granfeel.

The movies below show how our Granfeel booth was.

JANUARY 16–19, 2020
The 2020 NAMM Show
Anaheim Convention Center • Anaheim, CA

2020 NAMM Show Booth Space
Directory Name: Granfeel
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Granfeel is exhibiting for the first time in the United States.

Tucson, AZ • July 10-13, 2019


The industry’s premier opportunity to learn, network and grow with your fellow technicians.

Please try Granfeel on this occasion.

For Overseas Customers, Technicians, and Dealers

Thank you for visiting Granfeel website.
Granfeel Technology has invented and promoted in Japan since 2009.

We have the partnership with JAHN Pianoteile to promote Granfeel Technology since 2017.
JAHN Pianoteile locates in Coburg, Germany, to follow customers, technicians, and dealers in Europe area.

Piano tuners and technicians can be certified as a Granfeel Technician by finishing the Granfeel Retrofitting Coursework.

There are more than 150 Granfeel Technicians in Japan and some more in Germany and Switzerland.

Granfeel Technology is available in 2 ways.

●purchasing Pre-installed Granfeel Piano

We offer some model range of pre-installed Granfeel pianos.
From high-end Bechstein Concert 8/Granfeel Technology to affordable Granfeel original model.

●Retrofit Granfeel Parts Kit

Granfeel Technology is also available by retrofitting with Granfeel Parts Kit.
Granfeel Certified Technicians would upgrade your own upright piano.

Contact us:

1.To Import Pre-installed Granfeel Pianos
2.To Retrofit Granfeel Parts Kit
3.To participate Granfeel Retrofitting coursework

We are looking for a distributor in North America, Asia, and Oceania for our Granfeel Technology.

Demo Play

From beautiful pianissimo to dynamic fortissimo,
Granfeel will certainly extend your range of expression.


Granfeel finally realizes “the touch” of grand pianos on upright pianos.
World’s first upright pianos with equivalent mechanism to grand pianos!
Now enjoy the grands’ feeling on upright pianos.


Mr. Yukimitsu FUJII, inventor of Granfeel

“I invented because piano players needed it. Granfeel pianos inspire the unlimited potential of children.”

For players who love the piano, and children as pianists of the future.

“If I could, I would like to own and play a grand piano from the start…but it costs a lot, and it requires space.” We have heard many of such opinions from customers. Granfeel is our answer. We invented an upright piano with the capabilities of a grand piano to make their dream come true. Granfeel is for all players who love the piano and children who will lead the next generation. Yukimitsu Fujii, a master of piano, has been producing Granfeel pianos one by one meticulously by hand.

Background of “Granfeel”

Mr. Fujii started his career as a Repair person; he took apart and reassembled European Pianos day after day.

This experience inspired his sense of engineering. He became a piano tuner and listened to his
customers’ voices. Especially the children who faced the difficulties caused by the differences between  upright pianos and grand pianos. He determined to overcome the problem of upright pianos.  After the days of try and error…

The birth of “Granfeel”

The rapid repetition mechanism for upright pianos was finally invented in 2009!

Granfeel realizes the feeling of a grand piano with an upright piano.

You can play a Granfeel piano like a grand piano more expressively, with higher quality of sound and improved touch performance.

Advantage of Granfeel ①

Increased functionality

How much is it needed for a key to return to be ready for the next note?


Advantage of Granfeel ②

Enables rapid Repetition

Smooth trill and repetition in pianissimo


Advantage of Granfeel ③

Increased operability

Free and Easy Key Control. Comparison of the Weights.


Advantage of Granfeel ④

Higher Quality of Sound

Powerful, Gorgeous and Splendid Sound



Midori NOHARA: Pianist

This invention is epoch-making to improve disadvantage of uprights. It changes the keyboard touch closer to grands, which is helpful for mastering natural playing style without strain.


1st prize in piano division of The 56th Music Competition of Japan while in Tokyo University of the Arts. Masuzawa aword and Iguchi aword winner. After top-of-the-list graduation, studied at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, 3rd place at the 42nd Concorso pianistico internazionale Ferruccio Busoni. Liszt Etude Aword winner. 2nd place at International Franz Liszt Piano Competition. 1st place at the 23rd Concours international Marguerite-Long-Jacques-Thibaud. Played with enormous conductors and orchestras such as J. Fournet, L. Maazel, M. Plasson and Ozawa Seiji in Philharmonia Orchestra brass, Dresdner Philharmonie, et al. Prosperously playing at chamber music as soli, dui with the violinist G. Poulet, the violist G. Causse, W. Christ, the saxophonist C. Durangle and more as well as in recitals all over Japan, The Philharmonic Virtuosi Berlin, Ensemble Wien-Berlin.

Invited as an examiner of piano department at The Long-Thibaud-Crespin International Contest in 2015. Her repertoire is not limited in French composers such as Ravel or Deussy but covers Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Rachmaninov and Prokofiev. Her play contains both sensitivity and boldness.

6 CDs including “Ravel: the piano works I and II” and “Moonlight” have been released to date, from Fontec, Aurora Classical, et al.

KEISHI Matsumoto: Jazz pianist

Granfeel has overcome the bluntness of keyboard return, which had been the biggest disadvantage of upright pianos. Now we can play what we want to express without stress. It is no exaggeration to say it the revolution taken place on upright pianos.


Born in Kagoshima. Started his career as a musician at 18, and then left for NY to pursue his study of jazz piano. 

After he returned to Japan, he is full of activity all through the country, being based in Kagoshima. Enjoys a good reputation playing with cutting-edge musisians who plays both domestic and overseas.

Released “LIFE ABOVE DEE”, the 2nd album as the leader of the trio, and “11-eleven” a duo album with a vocal.

Set about producing advertising music, conducting as the music producer of “Orange Shokudo, the tour train” run by Hisatsu Orange Railway Co., Ltd. Also committing himself to undertaking so as to revitalize local area by means of mucic culture; such as prisiding periodical live music event for free, or holding seminars at jass societies in universities.

Selected as one of 4 finalists in “Montreux Jazz Piano Competition in Kawasaki 2014”. Obtained the 42nd best new talent award in spring of Kagoshima city, as the first jazz musician award winner.

Patented technique and Trademark.

April 2010, Patented in Japan

Applied for international patent on Jul. 26, 2010

Applid for European patent in Dec. 2011

April 2012, Trademark in Japan

September 2012, Trademark in Europe

November 2012, Trademark in the US

February 2013, Trademark in China

July 2013, Patented in China

February 2014, Patented in Hong Kong

September 2013, Patented in the US

February 2018,  Issued a notice of allowance by EPO


October 2010, 第58回鹿児島県発明くふう展 鹿児島商工会議所会頭賞受賞

October 2014,~ 経営革新計画の承認(Kagoshima)

February 2013, 優良企業表彰(Satsumasendai-City)

July 2013,~ 新連携の認定(The Small and Medium Enterprises Agency.)

July 2013, ものづくり支援補助金(The Small and Medium Enterprises Agency.)

July 2013, 新たな事業分野の開拓の実施に係る認定(Kagoshima)

March 2014, 第39回発明大賞 日本発明振興協会会長賞受賞

October 2015, ものづくり日本大賞 内閣総理大臣賞受賞

February 2016, 職業奉仕賞(川内ロータリークラブ)

May 2016, はばたく中小企業・小規模事業者300社に選定(METI)

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